Charlotte Mann

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann1Wall Drawing for Clariant International, Basel, Detail,  2010, black marker pen on wall and doors,  2.6 x 15 metres

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann2High Holborn House Wall Drawing,  2009,  black marker pen on wall and blinds,  2.5 x 8.5 metres

ERscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann3High Holborn House Wall Drawing, 2009

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann4High Holborn House Wall Drawing,  2009

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann5Something… ,  2007, black marker pen on white emulsion painted wall,  4 x 3 metres

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann6The School of Life,  Detail,  2008, black marker pen on white emulsion paint wall,  2 x 2o metres

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann7Cube P.R.,  2007, black marker pen on white emulsion paint wall, 2.5 x 2 metres

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann8India Knight’s Wall,  2008, black marker pen on white emulsion paint wall, 3 x 9 metres

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann9India Knight’s Wall,  2008

EscapeIntoLife_CharlotteMann10Charlotte Mann at work

About Charlotte Mann

Charlotte Mann is interested in our clutter. All those books, bicycles, musical instruments, records, paintings, lamps and mirrors that fill our lives to the brim are brilliantly re-created in graphic, life-size murals that she draws in black marker pen on the walls of people’s homes.

“I put a spotlight on the objects we surround ourselves with,” says Mann, who is based in Peckham, south London. “It’s not about shopping or aspirational objects, but about taking stock of what you have. My murals allow people to view stuff in their home in a different way to how they normally would.” (Emma Love in The Sunday Times)

Artist Bio

Charlotte Mann is a British artist known for her wall drawings and drawn room installations. These densely detailed 1:1 scale drawings of rooms in rooms are invariably made with thick black marker pen on a white ground.

Her work is mainly made to commission, recent works have included large pieces in Milan and Basel. In 2009 she was selected for the final shortlist of the British Surface Design Awards. In 2008 she made the wall drawings for the School of Life class room. She has collaborated several times with fashion designer Peter Jensen, to make room installations for his shows and presentations. Most recently for a presentation in Milk Studios during New York fashion week Fall/Winter 2010.

Charlotte studied Fashion desisn at Central St Martins. For four years she worked for Russell Sage, for whom she designed and made show pieces, including the dress made from money now in the archive collection at the  V & A [Victoria and Albert Museum, London] and animal skin pieces featured in an exhibition in the Met. Museum, New York.

Charlotte has been an associate lecturer at the University of the Arts London since 2001; she currently teaches at Central St Martins, Chelsea and Camberwell .

Charlotte was born 1977 in South East London and lives and works in Peckham [London, England].

Charlotte Mann’s Website

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  1. Wouldn’t you like Charlotte Mann to do one of her cool life size #drawings on your wall?

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  3. Lesley Frenz says:

    These are amazing!  Life sized art/ original art wallpaper.  Love!

  4. CCaruana says:

    Thank you, so happy you like and I feel like you do – customised life sized original wallpaper! – Carmelita

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