Charles E. Williams II

Mirrored Souls, oil on canvas, (2010), 36 x 60 in

Seconds Past, oil on canvas, (2011), 11 x 14 in

Looking Back, oil on canvas, (2011), 20 x 60 in

From This Point On, oil on canvas, (2011), 12 x 36 in

Standing Still, oil on canvas, (2011), 36 x 60 in

Allure, oil on canvas, (2010), 11 x 14 in

Splendid, oil on canvas, (2010), 12 x 36″

Reflect, oil on canvas, (2010), 25 x 30 in

Still Moving, oil on canvas, (2010), 12 x 16 in

Artist Bio

Charles E. Williams II grew up in historic Georgetown, South Carolina. From an early age, he felt a strong connection to the area’s many waterways. Their inspirational beauty proved to be his first love, and also, the muse for his art.

Williams combined his love for nature and painting as a landscape artist working in oils. He is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design and has exhibited with galleries in the southeast including: Pei Lang Gallery, Lagerquist Gallery, Michael Murphy Gallery and also with the Robert Lange Studios. In 2009, Williams was awarded the Hudson River Fellowship to study with elite artists, Jacob Collins, Edward Minoff, and Travis Schlaht and others founded by the Grand Central Academy in New York. Williams was one of the many artists that showcased in the Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America exhibition in New York. He paints as a full-time artist and works on commissioned paintings throughout the year, as well as featured pieces in corporate and many private collections.(Robert Lang Studios)

Artist Statement

I feel there is a parallel between humans and nature. Nature constantly speaks to me and sends a message that’s ever changing, and pure. I am always observing my surroundings, and the vast ray of human conditions we live. My observations of peoples conditions shows emotions that inspires me, as well as my own; bringing me face to face to what’s true. Whether it’s from the emotion of the jazz player’s tune played on the street, or my perfectionism that leaves me in a frustrated state, I translate these and many others emotions through landscapes.

It allows me to capture the true and honest moments, showing others a glimpse of what’s under beneath the surface. Our surroundings are always changing, and just like in nature the environment can affect the elements we see. From the muddy banks of wavy marshland – to salty waters that reflect pastel skies, these elements of nature allow me to uncover those feelings in life. Painting landscapes is how I channel human emotion on canvas, and how I express my moods of what’s present and real.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful work — beckoning me to take a closer look.  So wonderful, I am in awe.

  2. EIL says:

    Thank you, Williams II is a true inspiration 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    Wow, those are beautiful! 

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