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About the Artist

Celyn Brazier is a London based illustrator and animation director with a unique approach. He has worked on film titles for the film Moog, directed comedy for BBC/Talkback and 3 music videos for Ninja tunes.

Celyn’s work as an illustrator has included a wide variety of clients and independent projects. Recent work has included a 4-page feature in the Guardian Newspaper, illustrations for Wired magazine, Financial Times, clothing for Adidas, book design for Harper Collins and illustration for BBC2 online and AOL. In addition to directing Chunkothy for Ninja Tune Celyn also designed the illustration, graphics and publicity for The Wagon Christ LP, CD and download formats.

Animated projects include work for Coca-Cola, a cinema commercial for Ben & Jerry’s, Honda, Unilever and an educational feature for the World Wildlife Fund. Celyn recently completed a music video Chunkothy for the artist Wagon Christ. Chunkothy recently featured in the Toronto International Film Festival and the BBC Music Video Festival. You can watch the Wagon Christ Chunkothy promo right here:


Celyn Brazier’s Website

Celyn Brazier on Nexus Productions

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  1. Like the first one especially. The eye is quite interesting.

  2. CCaruana says:

    Yes, agree, me too!

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