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Artist Statement

I would describe my work as intuitive, experimental and essentially linked to the world of fashion. In terms of technique, l like to achieve unexpected effects and am drawn to the mixture and contrast of traditional mediums like pencil and ink in combination with the modern tools that the computer can offer. My main drive is to create visually compelling images — I hope that my work reflects a contemporary aspect of the popular culture of our times.

Artist Bio

Cecilia Carlstedt was born in Stockholm in 1977, and was always interested in illustration, even from a very early age. She received her degree in Graphic Design and Image Making from London College of Communication, after which she returned to her home town to start her career as a full-time illustrator. She has been commissioned by a wide variety of clients, but her beautifully composed, stylish and colourful work has naturally endeared her to the world of fashion. She likes to combine drawing with various media for a rich and unpredictable expression, and finds inspiration in fashion and art – and especially in exploring secluded places with her camera.


Swarovski, Waterman Pens, Absolut Vodka, La Perla, Paul Smoth, Victoria Beckham, Wired, H&M, NY Times, SAAB, MTV, Marie Claire magazine, Sunday Telegraph, Vogue India, Vogue Nippon, Vogue UK

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