Balint Zsako



untitled (Hearts), 7.4 x 5.1 inches

untitled (Meat) 9 x 6.4 inches




Artist  Statement

Our family has four members, and all of us are artists.

All four of us create characters that illustrate tales of archetypal experience. Sex, mythology, family, bodily functions and primitive narratives are themes that animate our works. We don’t discuss art very much but we always want to see what the others are doing. Its in the family air, it’s a feeling, not concrete but strongly felt. Our artistic relationship is an intangible connection of shared aesthetics and experiences that is always in the background and directs our hands no matter how far we may be from each other.

About the Artist

A graduate of Ryerson’s Photography program, New York-based Balint Zsako has emerged as a sort of Renaissance man, using his talents in a multitude of media including painting, illustration, sculpture and collage to embed absurdity into an age-old subject – the figure.

Zsako is well known for his paintings – fine, black-ink detail outlining bright shocks of colour – but his new work indicates an aesthetic reinvention. At first glance, his new collages look like oil paintings straight out of the 16th century. It takes a second to realize that a face is being obscured by lush, windswept drapery, or that a nipple is being pinched — compositions not typically explored by those Old Masters whose work continues to be revered as a symbol of sophistication, wealth and good manners.

Balint Zsako’s Website

Balint Zsako at Katharine Mulherin

Balint Zsako 2011 Show

Thanks to Dark Silence in Suburbia for finding this artist

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