angela fama

I love this, because I do this… and, whether you realize it or not, you do it too! Mirrorface, a series by Canadian photographer Angela Fama, is beautiful, hilarious, and true. Here’s how it works. Each of her subjects were photographed twice. The first shot was taken straight on, like a passport photo. For the second shot however, Angela revealed a mirror below the camera, and left the room. She asked each person to look at themselves the way they would in that final check {that we all do} before heading out the door. When they thought they looked their best, they gave her a signal and, from the other room, she took the photo. The result… Mirrorface!

{My ‘mirrorface’ consists of a head tilt/pout. Why? I have absolutely no idea… but clearly, I’m not alone.}

Angela Fama’s site

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