Ana MaRIA Seaton

First scrawling in paint on the inside walls of her mother’s womb, Ana MaRIA Seaton was born with the urge to create. Freelance for over 23 years, a real Renaissance chameleon, Ria was self-taught before returning to college in 2008 to pursue her BFA. When not knuckle deep in glue and acrylic paint, or publishing zines, Ria enjoys teaching at the Appleton Museum of Art in Florida and working virtually as the Creative Director and Volunteer Coordinator for PetsNPatients, a Chicago-based non-profit.

A proud homeschool mom, Ria went full-time from home in 2001 after the birth of her daughter. Eclectic and social by nature, she loves to play muse and does so at every opportunity whether as an artist, a writer, or both. The founder of Art for Cures, a collective of artists using their art to support various charities worldwide, Ria strives to leave behind a legacy of creativity and compassion for her daughter.

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