Amir Zainorin

Read, 2006, collage and acrylic on linen, 160 x 120 cm

Shop Till You Flop, collage & acrylic on linen, 150 x 110 cm


Dr M With Flag

Suntan, acrylic and collage on linen, 160 x 120 cm

Tembak, acrylic and collage on linen

ISBN 7887, acrylic and collage on linen


Artist Bio

Born in Johor, Malaysia on September 1st, 1963, Amin Zainorin has worked in advertising and public relations, banking, a diving school, a hotel and restaurant. He now lives and works in Copenhagen.

About the Artist

Zainorin’s work records, reminds, explores, and at times highlights, universal issues linked to identity, spirituality and modernity, and expresses with sincerity and playfulness a vision devoid of monotony or cynicism.

His artworks have evolved from the consecutive layering of various mediums into complex collages, with the superimposed colourful tones and texture of acrylic paint.

This refined technique, where opacity and translucency complement each other, creates a quiet equilibrium in the composition of the image. Areas of bold colours, sometimes of contrasting tonality, sit perfectly with the layering of the more complex and detailed contents of glossy magazines, advertisements or newspaper articles.

Amir Zainorin’s Website

Amir Zainorin on Saatchi Gallery OnLine

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