Alessandro Lupi

About His Work:

The center of Alessandro Lupi’s research lies on light, developing in installations, photography, video art and new media in which color, light and space fuse their selves dynamically. Lupi uses to create his works, called “Densita fluorescenti” (Fluorescent Densities), polyamide threads painted one by one with fluorescent paint and/or photoluminescent illuminated by black light. Subjects are often three-dimensional bodies that dialogue with the space in a kinetic or static way, sometimes through sounds expressly composed for the work by Danilo Rolle. Every work appears to create its own world, concentrating on the idea of “inversion”, that is, on the possibility of offering to the spectator the opposite point of view from the expected or predicted one. In his works the dichotomy of opposite situations, like exterior-interior, freedom-prison or life-death are annulated by the almost contemporary perception of these two aspects without, nevertheless, favoring any perceptive or hierarchic prevalence.

Alessandro Lupi’s Website

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2 responses to “Alessandro Lupi”

  1. I specially like Alessandro Lupi's short video. “Fluorescent Densities” on @escapeintolife

  2. Neil Ellman says:

    Original, scary,macabre. These are portraits of ghosts. I wish I could do as well.

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