Adam Stennett

From Interview:

So you are making a painting of a photograph?

I am making a painting based on a photograph although my end goal isn’t necessarily to make a painting that looks exactly like the photograph. But I work out the compositional aspects in photography first. So I know exactly what I want the composition to look like and then it is just a matter of the process that goes from the reference imagery through the eye, through the brain and gets translated to the paint.

As I was looking at your work that was the question that kept coming up for me. Is he making a painting of a photograph? But I think that your paintings are a lot more compelling than a photograph and are more effective as paintings because you work with such intention. Every centimeter is hyper-real. Highly representational of what is going on. I think that that aspect of your work makes the subject a lot more effective.

Well when I think about paintings, the thing that has always interested me about painting more than image is object. You know, the process I use to make a hyper-real painting in a lot of ways is a really abstract process. I try to disconnect myself from the image as much as possible when I am painting and just look at shapes more than painting an object or water or a person.

Ah, you’re painting abstract images…

…I am painting darks and lights. So it almost becomes like meditation in a way. A lot of times I work in grids from the first couple layers and then the last layer I move away from the grid. I often work upside down also. – PORT, May 14th, 2010 (read more)

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