Tatiana Plakhova

escapeintolfie T Plakhova 1

Tatiana Plakhova is a Moscow based designer who produces intricate and beautiful digital imaging work. Her website is aptly named Complexity Graphics and she has a number of fascinating projects there, all featuring patterns that glow against a (usually but not always) dark background. She draws inspiration from sources that range across geology, cartography and geography to geometry, botany, biology and folk patterns.

The two videos below are a great way to experience a sample of some of  her work. Turn out the lights, go full screen, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Folk Complexity

escapeintolife plakhova 2

escapeintolfie plakhova 3

escapeintolife plakhova 4


ULFUR – White Mountain


EscapeIntoLife -Plakhova-U2

Tatiana Plakhova’s Website

Tatiana Plakhova’s Flickr

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