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Interactive Puffer Sphere by seeper

Architectural Projection Mapping is an exciting new form of creativity, involving projecting a 3D object onto a 2D surface, most frequently the facade of a buidling.

British creative and technologist Evan Grant is the founder of the collective seeper, a company he founded during his first year of study at Bournemouth University.  He describes himself as having

a self-applied remit for innovation-led wonderment, exploring natural user interaction and ubiquitous computing to create multi-sensorial experiences and memories.

Here is a small selection of the artistically immersive work that makes buildings dance, explode and crumble, and that invites participation through the use of tangible, gestural and kinetic interaction.

This cutting edge creative work is absolutely stunning and being there looks like huge fun too!

Architectural projection mapping @ Autostadt, Wolfsburg 2010 :

For the launch of Xbox Kinect in Germany, seeper created an interactive projection mapping set at the highly visible Stachus in central Munich. This project attracted hoards of participants; immersed in the experience, they took part in epic particle ball games, sending fluids shooting three stories high and exploring the limits of controller- free gaming.

Working in collaboration with Vimeo to conclude the Vimeo Festival and Awards, seeper introduced ‘Light Lining’ to the US, a technique of projection mapping 3D content. The Frank Gehry IAC HQ provided the perfect canvas for their transformation of sight and sound.



And finally here is Eliot Rausch’s intereview with Evan Grant following the Vimeo Awards event, where Grant talked about the software they use as well as about his background in both art and technology.


Evan Grant’s Website

seeper Collective on Vimeo

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