Candas Sisman / Ilhan Koman – Flux

Sisman - Flux screening

Flux – A Short Animation Inspired by the Works of Ilhan Koman sculptor.

kuman escapeintolifeMediterranean, Istanbul, 1978-1980, Iron, by İlhan Koman

Candaş Şişman’s video animation, Flux, is an impressive  and mesmerising spatial experience. The video reinterprets works by the important Turkish sculptor İlhan Koman (1921-1986) in a digital medium.

A digital tribute

This video art piece is made by a young artist, Candaş Şişman, and dedicated to Koman. “He prepared this art specifically for this exhibit and with our support,” says Ayşegül Çinici Yazıcı, director of the Plato Art Space, indicating that they wanted to have this reinterpretation done by an artist from a totally different discipline.

“He was inspired by Koman’s various works. This is a contemporary work and it is proof of how Koman’s works can be re-interpreted and what place Koman’s work occupies in scientific and mathematical design. Koman was open-minded and an artist with foresight, so his works can be reinterpreted by future artists.” Inspired by and making references to Koman’s works, including “Pi,” “3D Moebius,” “Whirlpool,” “To Infinity” and “Ogre,” Şişman examined all of Koman’s works. “Koman used to say that he wanted his art to be like a chain whose last loop would be open to new loops,” Yazıcı says. “We wanted to take a step in this direction.” (today’s zaman)


And after the preview from the stills, here is the video istelf, it bears watching and watching and watching again!

Courtesy of Plato Art Space (Plato College of Higher Education) – video and sound design by Candaş Şişman.

Candaş Şişman’s Website

Candaş Şişman on Vimeo

Ilhan Koman at Galeri Nev

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