Rene Rickabaugh

From Review:

Nobody does decorative like Rene Rickabaugh, who takes obsession to a fine point and orders it, meticulously, as if he were a mosaicist of miniatures. Rickabaugh’s understanding of the relationship between pattern and color – reminiscent of, but not ruled by, traditional forms ranging from pre-Columbian to Middle Eastern and east Indian – is perhaps unmatched in the Pacific Northwest. His vividly in-filled paintings leap the bounds of their frames — indeed, the finely ornamented frames become part of the art, lending it a third dimension and the implication that this fiercely voluptuous patterning continues, outside the frame, into the unseen.Oregon Live, Sept. 11 2008

Rene Rickabaugh at the Laura Russo Gallery

Rene Rickabaugh at Gail Severn Gallery

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  • chris

    acctually this is a rip off from the huichol indians from nayarit mexico, identical mosaic patern wich by the way represents the peyote allucinogenic cactus. so the ” Nobody does decorative like Rene Rickabaugh” is not actually true. huichol indians had for the last 3 centuries. sorry to burst your bubble. here is a link:

  • Mitzen

    The Huichol art is moving and full of life; the artist Rene Rickabaugh's art is static, purely decorative; obsessive, yes but the “matching” frames destroy any sense of energy.

  • Lroselya

    You people are harsh and obviously never painted anything in your life.