Mike Davis

Artist Statement

Since as long as I can remember I have possessed artistic skills of some form or another. As a kid in school I was often referred to as the “artist,” drawing monsters, robots blowing thing up, and other weird images.

It wasn’t until around 1999 when I began seriously painting. Over time my work has evolved in terms of my technique, mostly from studying other artist’s pieces. I have been greatly influenced by older art in general, and more specifically that of Van Eyck and Bruegel.

My paintings are often a reflection of my experiences in life. Additionally my interest in history, evident from my collection of military helmet and artifacts from the Civil War and World War II, makes its way into my work, even if it is on a minor scale.

One of my greatest influences in my work and for myself is my mother. Her constant involvement in one project or another ranging from woodworking to hand-tooling leather masterpieces to making clothing and toys for myself and my siblings to remodeling our home, the list goes on, has motivated me to try new things and continue to create.

Mike Davis at Joshua Liner Gallery

Mike Davis on Artnet

  • Jacx

    Dear artist; your work is appreciable however there is clear elements that were borrowed from Salvador's own paintings. As an artist it is better to create something new rather than re create.

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  • Appreciative

    art is always an interpretations and feeds off of inspiration, and every artists needs to find their way. if re-creating is part of your journey, then so be it. i enjoyed the paintings very much.

  • Dobydoo

    PrettyGood. New “Ship of fools”- first paint. Tres beau! St. Petersburg love you!

  • And Bosch!

  • Elana Pritchard

    Very good compositions