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About this Series:

Kipling West’s meticulous illustrations command your attention. At first glance, the prismatic colors and flowing line work grab your eyeballs. Tight detail and pulsating composition impress and inspire as the image unfolds to reveal hidden creatures and mysterious symbols. After that, you simply fall into the page and become happily engulfed in a strange and beautiful wonderland. If you’re seeking a delightful diversion, head over to Kipling’s “Tales From The Moleskine” series and prepare to be dazzled.

She creates these images by narrating her life experiences in the form of a visual diary. Says Kipling, “My moleskine work is a kind of a visual diary; some stuff is private symbols, some things I don’t understand till after I draw them and then ‘oh, that’s how that fits together.'”  (Resplendent Chaos)

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  • Wow. This is amazing work. It is a feast for the eyes & imagination. The swirl of imagery and impressions. I have to check it out offline. I think the discovery of further details will really fascinate and keep my attention in an enjoyable way!

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  • Nanaka

    I just love creative, unique art like this totaly amazing!

  • eileen

    so cool

  • kanukey


  • pixiejones506

    I could surround myself with your world.

  • I think the artist created this pictures using drugs:) But it is very complicated…

  • madeline

    love them all!

  • TommyGalaxy

    man this shit is amazing

  • sarah

    i love the mitochondrial train :))

  • garrett

    isnt acid great!!!!!

  • these are awesome, all of them! especially the freight train one.

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  • Chris

    nice man the fits one with the thing in the eye of the moon is that from Le Voyage de las luna???

  • Jonell

    These are so crazy! Im in love with each picture, if only i could do this

  • Kipling

    Wow, thanks for liking my stuff, guys! It's a break from my grueling day job designing signage for a zoo.
    And no, I've never done acid. I worry if I do the monsters I draw will get me.

  • syrimne1

    I'm a fan of the Alice in Wonderland one myself. I like the Goreyesque undertones mixed with band poster art from the 1980s….very cool! It also reminds me of Andrew Goldfarb a bit, out of San Francisco. Would be interested in seeing a book of this stuff, kind of like someone mentioned…

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  • Lynnie

    I am so totally in love with your work – I wish you giant joys and huge success so that you can stop zooing and just draw – you rock –

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  • Amy

    I'm in awe. These works are totally inspirational for me, I create similar works from my own experiences and find sometimes I don't even know whats going to form on the page until its finished. Sometimes it can be very theraputic, I get the feeling this is the same for you.
    Please don't stop, keep producing these fabulously intricate and incredibly personal and prevoking work.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • moleskine

    they are so beautiful

  • Very cool stuff.