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Creative people tend to be noticers. We like to notice things: details, little oddities, splendid patterns, smells and feelings. So I’ve been noticing spiders and their webs lately. They get really busy webbing up stuff in the fall. So when I’m not inside (stomping them and dusting their works out of corners) I have been collecting photos of their works.




web-playground-smI thought, at first, that I would be finding iconic center-radiating webs, like this plastic one at my local playground.

But for the longest time, I only found messy webs. They are in grass, bushes, corners of the house—you can find them everywhere once you start looking.

img_6941cr2-graphicsmAnd, some of the webs are nearly invisible, which is makes photography a bit “iffy.”

So, anyway I got this great new (to me) software called “Topaz” that makes electric webs and glowing spiders.

Some call the late October moon the “Harvest Moon,” but to me, it’s the time of the Topaz glow. 



Nancy Heather Brown is a retired, Emmy Award-winning television producer whose career has included interviewing, writing, and editing for a span of four decades. Today, she enjoys learning new things and reflecting upon the creative process and the world of ideas both inside and outside the box.

Link to Topaz Glow 2 information. It’s really fun and fast, and no they didn’t pay me to write this.

Album of these and additional spider Topaz shots on Flickr

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