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tv-box-hillary-smHillary Wins! Cartoonists go wild!

As I write this the last week of October, 2016, I wonder what the visual artists are doing to prepare for America’s first female President. Just in case, ya know.

hillary-2-smLooking at the Google Images of “Hillary Memes” today, I’m overwhelmed by the hundreds of really rude memes about her, and a lot fewer “nice” ones. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised: memes do tend to be about sarcasm. However, I went there because I wanted to imagine (positive) cartoons about Hillary winning the Presidency.

If I could draw, I’d be practicing drawing glass ceilings shattering… maybe a stack of glass ceilings and showing women breaking through all kinds of obstacles through the ages, with Hillary smiling at the top, wearing goggles and a construction helmet, bashing through.

hillary-5-smOr, possibly there could be a Hillary that pushes over a phallic-looking Trump Tower. Oh, that was redundant: all Trump towers are phallic-looking.

Or, she could be sitting on top of the White House, writing emails on her new, secure server, thumbing her nose at the Russian hackers. 

I really would like to see a cartoon showing her “village” of people that have helped her along the way. Maybe featuring places in the world she’s been influential, including the U.S., of course.

And it would be kinda cute to see her carrying Bill over the threshold of the Oval Office.

hillary-4-smI’ll probably be needing a new bumper sticker or two, but for now I offer one I purchased last weekend: “Peace on Earth—Good Will Towards Women.” Remember, when you hear the word “women” it includes the word “men”—not like the other way around.

nancyauthor4Nancy Heather Brown is a retired, Emmy Award-winning television producer whose career has included interviewing, writing, and editing for a span of four decades. Today, she enjoys learning new things and reflecting upon the creative process and the world of ideas both inside and outside the box. 

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