Life in the Box: 2017 Strategic Thinking


Okay Democrats, progressives and liberals, buckle up for a rough ride for the next 4 years (at least.)

From the campaign, we know President Chump’s usual operating strategies. Let’s summarize:
1. Don’t over-think it.
2. Scare the public.
3. Be brash.
4. Never look powerless

If you have a worthy opponent that’s “making you look bad:”
1. Make fun of them
2. Character assassinate
3. Sue them
4. Deny, deny, deny
5. Make up anything

These strategies have worked for Chump only because there has been a decades-long build-up of media and online outlets that have created and/or fanned mistrust of:
1. Main-stream media
2. Liberals
3. Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi
4. “Big Government”
5. Science
6. Facts

newspapers-smSince traditionally trusted sources have been undermined, we who still trust these sources have trouble gaining traction when we try to convince conservatives to be “reasonable.” We point to a trusted source and we are negated because our “opponent” doesn’t trust our source. And when they quote their sources to us, we are also thwarted. We know through research that their sources are not truth, but we can’t break the emotional ties they have to them. When there is no shared truth, there is no debate.

So, other than be appalled, what’s an informed person to do? Let’s see:
1. Stay calm. I know that is difficult, but calmness helps us function. We need our functionality desperately.
2. Keep trusting vetted news from trusted media sources. They are still trust-worthy. Buy newspapers and magazines and read them! And really DO support public TV and radio.
3. Don’t believe character assassination attempts. Stand up for the victims of character assassination.
4. Speak your truth gently, and give others a break. Like the saying goes, have “wisdom to know the difference” between what you can and cannot accomplish.
5. Cheer up other liberals. I put extra bumper-stickers on my car after the election.

media-sm6. On social media – be a gentle voice of reason. Ignore the screamers. Engage the thinkers.
7. Join groups. Public protest has its place. People’s lives are at risk. Stand up for the victims or causes you feel most strongly about. You can’t take on every mistake this administration will make, but choose something that’s important to you.
8. If you take on big issues, have the backing of lawyers. Remember, suing people is one of Chump’s favorite strategies. He has lots of lawyers. We need them, too.
9. If you can’t go out yourself to protest, send money to organizations that support legal strategies for the issues you hold dear.
10. Keep the faith. There are still millions of liberals in America; you are not alone.

author-bw-smNancy Heather Brown is a retired, Emmy Award-winning television producer whose career has included interviewing, writing, and editing for a span of four decades. Today, she enjoys learning new things and reflecting upon the creative process and the world of ideas both inside and outside the box. 

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  1. Basel Al-Aswad says:

    Totally agree, in addition act locally in your community and be patient but persistent.

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