Creepy Medieval Art

Allegory of the Transience of Life

Engraving with hand colour made by Master IAM of Zwolle, Netherland, 1480-1490 (c.).

Doctor Schnabel von Rom

A broadside on doctors in Rome and their protective clothing against the plague.

Memento Mori

Memento Mori engraving made by Matthias Lucas Brunn, Germany, 1590-1610.

Vanitas with Death and a Maiden

Engraving made by Andries Jacobsz. Stock after Jacob de Gheyn II and published by Hendrik Hondius I, Dutch, 1610-1620 (circa).

Seven Deadly Sins

Woodcut with hand-colouring made by Anonymous, Germany, 1490-1500 (c.)

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2 responses to “Creepy Medieval Art”

  1. Tara Hall says:

    None of these are medieval.  The Middle Ages ended by 1400.

  2. You’re right Tara, most historians consider the Medieval period to have ended somewhere in the 1400s, though some go right to end of that century up to 1500. So I’m taking the titled of this post as an indication that this is not contemporary art by a long chalk, unlike most of the rest fo the website!

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