Alex Roulette, Buffalo Water Park
Alex Roulette

Happy Easter to those who celebrate that holiday today. Here is a poem with fitting imagery that also heralds the month to come: April, National Poetry Month. Please enjoy this poem by EIL poet Kristin Berkey-Abbott and look for more poems about poetry in a future feature, coming soon!

Kristin Berkey-Abbott

Cathedral Building

I send my poems out in groups,
small enough to be unobtrusive,
large enough to have safety.

I send them out with no supplies,
just stamped envelopes to carry
them across the miles.

My good disciples deliver
my words to those who have
ears to hear.

Some understand the revelations.
Some unweave the symbolism.
Most turn away.

Some poems return mangled,
but most are no worse
for wear. I send them out again.

Here and there, the poems cluster
with other like-minded souls.
They assemble themselves into sturdy collections.
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