Ernest Williamson III

Ernest Williamson III, A Lady of Preparation

Sarah & The Revisions of Old Times

every day Sarah gave thanks
for the embalmed words
of her childhood
at 89 years of age
she tells of the foolery of contemporary poetry
how it braces the reader for false dogmatic orgasm
how it rises above the skipping ring tone’s
grave message of war and peace
of love and hate
of pride and malefaction
but Sarah never held my dreams of being a writer
with disdain
because I am known to be a catalyst for cry babies
all 265 pounds of me
hanging to a string of delusional glory
like an adder awaiting an over-confident mouse
named new and now
but wiggling
trying to spill out
in the belly of the serpent
without any more

Ernest Williamson III, Moments and the Stage

The Reaper Of Cowardly Deeds

Constantinople has fallen again
like a rank towel beaded with imitations of algae
in the worst winter of 1678
Constantinople had revealed a ghastly shadow
until the Danes in Northeastern Europe
where the waltz of the corroding winds
hummed up and down the ridges of the great verdant mountains
but now I have traveled into the astounding waste of 1912
bondsmen carry me from African precious stones
within their indestructible nuclei
awaiting my disgruntled cry
for a replenished sitting
while Constantinople reaches for precious Eastern balms
for the extant anguish in furrowed brows
of molested plankton
in all of the human seas of arrogant
and sadly winning is not an option
for walking dead men
with grand ideas
irking inertia
with no time to spare
here nor there

Ernest Williamson III has published poetry and visual art in over 250 online and print journals. He is a self-taught pianist and painter. His poetry has been nominated three times for the Best of the Net Anthology (Sundress Press). The poems which were nominated for the Best of the Net Anthology are as follows: “The Jazz of Old Wine”, “The Symbol of Abiotic Needs”, & “The Misfortune of Shallow Sight”. Professor Williamson, who is (ABD), is also finishing up his Ph.D. at Seton Hall University in the field of Higher Education Leadership.

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