Zimbabwean Sculpture by Wenata Babkowski

Our Future by sculptor Gift Seda

Inspired by the beautiful photography of Zimbabwean sculpture, photographer Wenata Babkowski put together in her video, we had to share too. All photos were taken of various artworks in an exhibit at Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, BC during the Summer of 2010. The sculptures are all created from different artists represented by the Zimsculpt virtual gallery.

Babkowski captures the beauty and fascination of these sculptures as she states in her passionate statements:

My devotion to the environment led to my fascination for capturing the abstract beauty of nature, and its many textures, patterns, layers and colours. My hope is to help focus people’s attention on the dazzling array of mother nature’s extraordinary creations. My deep connection to the ocean and interest in the world’s most common, overlooked and often disregarded objects, have resulted in developing my niche of photographing the ocean’s endless bounty. I also love to photograph the dynamics of people’s interactions with the world’s surroundings, including its ancient relics and nature’s attempts to reclaim them. Thus, cultural and environmental themes also fascinate me.

The photographer yields a great deal of power in how an image is interpreted and the story it tells. It is within their power to portray a warped, malignant image, or a truthful and uplifting one. My goal is to share an accurate glimpse into the world around us and that it brings enlightenment, hope, positive change and encourages us to be the best we can be. I believe in the journey; not the destination, and I intend on packing my life’s journey to the fullest. Everywhere I look there is a reminder of how much beauty and wonder there is still left in the world to discover. My hope is that through creative means, I can do my small part to support the preservation of this planet’s natural state, and to encourage the harmonious balance between people and their environment, for the sake of all future generations.

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