William Lemke

William Lemke, Angel Oak

Angel Oak, 22 x 28 inches, 2012

William Lemke, Aspens Utah

Aspens, Utah, 22 x 28 inches, 2013

William Lemke, Suns Rays Rialto Beach

Sun’s Rays, Rialto Beach, 22 x 28 inches, 2012

William Lemke, Trees and Fog 2 Blue Ridge

Trees and Fog 2, Blue Ridge, 22 x 28 inches, 1997

William Lemke, Trees Taiwan

Trees Taiwan, 22 x 28 inches, 1995

William Lemke, Leaning Trees Yellowstone

Leaning Trees, Yellowstone, 22 x 28, 2009

William Lemke, Dead Trees Idaho

Dead Trees, Idaho, 22 x 28, 2012

Artist Statement

My interest in landscapes began with the many trips I took with my family growing up in the 1960’s; typically trips out west. Through these trips, I developed a great appreciation for the beauty offered in unique plants, water, and rock formations. While in high school, I took my first graphic arts class which included a unit on photography. This class forever changed my life; I knew my career and my life would be spent making photographs. I went on to study photography first formally, then informally while I gained experience in both fine art and commercial photography.

I choose to work in black and white because it encourages me and the viewer to concentrate on texture, tonality and the emotional qualities of light. My images are created using either a 4″x5″ or 8″x10″ film camera. This is followed by traditional however tedious photographic darkroom processes, making silver gelatin prints. Each print is individually exposed and hand processed following archival standards set forth by Ansel Adams.

All prints are photographed, developed, mounted, matted and framed myself – to maintain museum standards. My ultimate goal is to inspire viewers to develop a deep appreciation for nature and a desire to preserve and protect our environment.

About the Artist

William Lemke earned his Associate’s Degree in Photography at Milwaukee Area Technical College, and has strengthened his art through coursework at Milwaukee Center for Photography and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Additionally, he attended, then assisted, at the Friends of Photography workshop in Carmel, CA, working directly with his mentor Ansel Adams. William is represented by several galleries in the US and one in Canada, and has photographs in the permanent collection in museums across six states. He is currently doing re-photographic work under contract with the US Geological Survey; with his work in the Grand Canyon having been featured in the January/February 2011 issue of View Camera Magazine. William possesses the rare gift of having both an incredible sense of composition as well as being a master dark room printer. As such, he started printing silver gelatin prints for the renowned photographer, Art Shay.

William Lemke’s Website

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