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The Petal Series

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The Petal Series

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The Petal Series

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 The Petal Series

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Limbus Kid Series



 Limbus Kid Series

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Limbus Kid Series

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Artist Statement

My interest in photography lies principally in exploring moments that are undefined. I am fascinated when a dialogue emerges from what appears to be the simplest of moments from states of uncertainty and transience. A raw and unpretentious moment can reveal complexities, evocative imagined histories, and hidden truths.

About the Artist

Photographer Tal Shpantzer has been based in New York since 2000. She spent several years studying and shooting in Tel Aviv, Prague, and elsewhere in Europe after graduating from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, which awarded her a bachelor’s degree in fine art (photography/media) with honors.

Published and exhibited nationally and internationally, Tal Shpantzer’s work has appeared at such galleries as Prague House of Photography, Frankfort Art in Germany, Camera Obscura in Tel Aviv, and the Dutch Witzenhausen Gallery.

Tal Shpantzer’s image-making and photography have been recognized by HBO, MTV, TOPMAN, Generation Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, and the Italian edition of Vogue. It also has been featured in Kid-In, an online fine arts and fashion magazine and art gallery, New York Magazine’s blog, The Roaming Eye, Cream Magazine, Beautiful Savage Magazine, and W Magazine, as well as HBO’s “True Detective” drama series.  

In addition to working with numerous fashion, art, advertising, and other commercial clients and publications, Tal Shpantzer has shared her talents with such nonprofit organizations as French-American Aid for Children Inc., Partnership for Jewish Life & Learning, and Jazz Foundation of America. Her commissions include the August 2015 launch for Euphorium Brooklyn of Petales Eau de Parfum. The perfume was inspired by the photographer’s The Petals Series

The recipient of a Soros Center for Contemporary Art grant (for her Limbus Diary series), as well as a Morrison Vanderlip media award, Tal Shpantzer currently is at work on her first book, which is projected to go to press in 2016;  the book, titled The Petal Series, is available to preorder

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