Steve John

Sorrow has a Twin Face, iPhone

Rainbow Circuits, iPhone

Cityscape, iPhone

Contact, iPhone

The Vanishing Arrow, iPhonography

Step the Night, iPhonography

Untitled, iPhonography

Mind your Own, iPhonography

Walking the Edge, iPhonography

Steve John Describes His Work to EIL

“Following a nerve injury in my arm in 2008, which put a stop to years of painting from my studio at home, I now work mainly on an iPhone. I recognized the potential of the iPhone as a revolutionary creative tool as soon as I laid my hands on one. My natural instinct from the beginning was to experiment and I have consistently pushed this new digital tool to it’s limits to see what could be created on it. By throwing all my creative energies into the image making process I felt it was possible to create a new way of working and to develop a new way of seeing the world.

Although I miss painting my approach to creating an image remains the same and when things work it’s the same powerful and addictive process happening as the marks, colour and composition fall into place.

I do employ themes in my image making such as inter-connectivity and I like to play with light in my photography but its an ongoing love of colour that drives me on in all areas of my work. When balancing colour and composition there is sometimes a struggle where I either get lost in there or have a major battle. It’s that struggle of discovery that can be the most rewarding and when an image turns out well and is finished, it is usually because I feel I cannot take it any further. If there’s a pattern to my work it’s very loose and I have always given my creative process free reign which is why I use the term FreeFall to describe what I do.

All of the Artworks that you will see here have been created inPhone on an iPhone with apps from ‘Apples’ App Store. Any modifications to photographs are also done inPhone. My work is Never! Processed pre/post production with any other desktop software and never goes anywhere near a computer accept when stored in iPhoto.”

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