Sonia Goydenko



Mother & I, digital photograph, 2021


Beyond the Veil, digital photograph, 2023


World on Fire, digital photograph, 2021


Self Portrait, digital photograph, 2021


Hangin in Brooklyn, digital photograph, 2019


Ghosts of Manhattan,  digital photograph, 2020


Blue and Yellow, digital photograph, 2021


The Red Room, digital photograph, 2021



The mystery of a photograph. 

I was never concerned with answering questions through photography, but asking them. A strange photo can unlock an entire story in our mind, leading us to bizarre places where what we see doesn’t exactly make sense. Must we make sense of what we see? What about what we feel from a photograph? Some images bring nostalgic memories to mind, others make us feel downright dreadful, even though we can put our finger on why that is. As for me, I like to play. Photography is my playground: limitless. I can read a poem that makes me feel a certain way and then go out into the world and photograph that feeling. This collection of images presented here are ones I have taken throughout the last few years. Some are taken in New York City, some in New Mexico, some in Florida. Location doesn’t matter to me. If the scene speaks to me, if a sensation arises within me that I can translate into an image, I make that photograph. 


Sonia Goydenko is an internationally exhibited New York City-based street photographer. Goydenko has received awards from numerous photography festivals, including Italian Street Photo Festival, Miami Street Photo Festival, and Aussie Street Photography Festival. Recently, her work was exhibited in the NYC by Women Street Photographers exhibition.  In addition to daily photographing the streets, Sonia has worked as a TA at the International Center of Photography, guest lectured at the School of Visual Arts, teaches street photography workshops, and gives private portfolio reviews. She started the Instagram page @showmeyourduds, an educational platform created for photography students, where talented photographers willingly share images that they consider failures. Her zine is published by TourDogs and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she studies Eastern philosophy at St. John’s College and photographs the spectacular New Mexican light in her spare time. 

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