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Artist Statement

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed the true beauty of snow. I had always marveled at the way it glitters in the sunlight and makes the most ordinary of places seem magical and clean. But I had never truly taken a closer look. Not until one winter day as I was getting into my car in a Target parking lot. The largest, most perfect snowflakes I had ever seen were landing on the black armrest of my car door, and I stopped for the first time and watched each flake land and melt, and land again.

I was awestruck.

I took a few pictures with my phone and wished my cameras, especially my old film cameras for which I had multiple macro lenses, weren’t broken. 

When I got home, I immediately began researching macro lenses for my iPhone but then life got in the way and spring came. Snowflakes were replaced by Easter eggs and fireflies and sidewalk chalk with the kids.

For Christmas the following year, I asked for  a simple little macro lens for my phone, specifically to photograph snowflakes. From the first moment I fit the lens to my phone, I was transformed. I began to find the beauty in things I used to take for granted: flowers, insects, rust, leaves—and snowflakes. Especially snowflakes.

I am obsessed with snow. During the winter months, I can be found outside, watching the flakes and photographing as many of them as I can.

The photos that appear here I shot as I was shoveling my driveway. The snowflakes were so beautiful, I just had to stop and take pictures.

About the Artist

Skye Sadowski-Malcom grew up playing in her father’s dark room, making designs on photographic paper with paper clips and washers, and developing them to see the ghosts they left behind. She shared with everyone in her family a passion for photography, which continues to shape how she sees the world.

Skye Sadowski-Malcom has a degree in acting and directing from Towson University in Maryland but since 1998, she has been living the life of a musician, playing fiddle in the bands The Donegal X-Press and Man Down. Photography, however, remains the constant in her life.

Skye Sadowski-Malcom lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband and three children.

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