Sherif Elhage

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escapeintolife_SherifElhageBlack Series 3

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About Sherif Elhage

Sherif Elhage was born on the 25th of March 1980 in St Petersbourg and raised in Beirut by his Russian-Estonian mother and Lebanese father. He now lives in Paris. This autodidactic photographer employs no corrective methods to his photography.

The composition of the color and the original framing are integral elements of Sherif’s work. The photographs exposed on the site expound no literary or transcendental significance; the aesthetics of the photography limits itself to what you see.

His formal training is in communications, his professional experience ranging from fashion to advertising. His influences include Otto Steinert, M.C. Escher and Harry Callahan. Sherif seeks to play with the human eye rather than address traditional methods of iconography; his photographs break scenographic conjunctions through optical trickery and a combination of inventive minimalism.

Sherif Elhage’s Website

Interview with Sherif Elhage (in French)

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