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This image was taken at St Andrews beach in Fife, more famously the home of the Old course golf course. I was at the beach this day taking photographs for a jockey friend when he was finished cantering up and down the beach, I captured him taking his horse down to the sea to cool him down, I loved the hoof prints from the horse and what gave the image a slightly grittier feel was the fact that it was also snowing at the time.

Pebble Sunrise

Image taken at Elie beach on the East coast of Fife, I have been here a number of times but on this occasion I found this very small pebbled beach, It’s always something I have wanted to get images of but never knew there was one at Elie. The light emitting onto the pebbles with the frozen water were my aims for this image and I was pleased with the outcome.

Silent Rocks

Image taken at Kingsbarns beach on the East coast of Fife, it’s certainly one of my favourite beaches to visit, I really liked the two rocks frozen rocks with the almost glass like water around them with an expanse of nothing in the background.

Foggy Lane

This image was taken on East Scotland Street Lane in Edinburgh on a foggy night, it was a fairly surreal moment walking through the city with the low fog. I was actually on my way home when I spotted this scene and it was a must to photograph, the street lamp emitting a nice haze after bouncing off the fog was just brilliant.

Cobbles at Sunrise

This image was taken at sunrise at the Law in Dundee whilst out photographing with some college friends, The light peering through the clouds was brilliant and the textures and the tones after converting to black and white really stood out for me.

From Stream to Sea

This image was taken at Kingsbarns beach at the East coast of Scotland at sunrise, I really love the textures and patterns in the sand which have been produced by a stream coming off from the golf course and connecting back to the sea.

Into the Future

This image was taken whilst on holiday In Copenhagen, I was in the Glyptoteket museum when I spotted a solitary figure walking up this brilliant walkway, It’s almost like a mirrored image with the statue in the distance almost having the same body stance from the frozen woman in the foreground.


Image taken on holiday in Canada in 2004, I was actually waiting on the ferry back to the main land from Salt Spring Island when I spotted this jetty and the moody sky. I moved around a bit to get a composition which I was happy with and I’m pleased with the outcome. Just to add that little bit of colour I kept the turquoise kayak which was on the jetty.

Tyresome Day

Image taken round new year whilst visiting my sisters house, these tyres have been in her garden for years but this was the first time I spotted this view which I was pleasantly surprised with. I used my 50mm f1.8 to through off the background and got a composition which would take in all the tyres. Simple image but one which i really like.


Artists Statement

I am from the beautiful country of Scotland and stay in a little town called Cupar which is situated in Fife. I’ve been very interested in photography for about 10 years, which to say the least has flown by, but in that time it’s been a gradual progression, from having very little knowledge about photography to then learning about composition and lighting really has turned my photography around. When I first started taking photographs I never thought I’d be contacted about being featured, so to say I’m pleased with my progression is a bit of an understatement. Just the thought of people commenting and sending me words of encouragement is just fantastic. Over the last few months I have been taking a lot more seascape and beach photographs which I’ve always been interested in, but having not actually taken many photographs of, so it’s been a nice experience and I’ve learnt a lot in a small space of time.

If I was to give you my favourite subject to photograph it would definitely be urban street and in Black & White and especially at night, I love the light emitted from street lamps and the great tones and textures you can pick up from nicely light streets. Having stayed in Edinburgh for 4 years I had access to some great places to photograph.

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Thanks to Cindy Vriend and Paul Steele for finding this artist!

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