Sarah Johanna Eick

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing series

Polaroids series

Portugal series

Moon Night series

Hear the Voices series

Afraid of Freedom series

Vietnam series

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing series

About The Artist

Berlin artist Sarah Johanna Eick is best known for her photographic essays, landscapes, and portraits. For her first exhibition in the United States, Eick introduces three bodies of work: Voice Hearers, The Moon Night, and Wolf in Sheepskin. Eick’s theatrical photographs, influenced by painting and steeped in sociological studies, tend toward conceptual storytelling and reveal enigmatic situations and dysfunctional narratives.

Sarah Johanna Eick, born in 1974 in Münster, Germany, began her photography career while studying Art History, Philosophy and Applied Cultural Sciences at WWU in Münster. These studies as well as independent projects, active freelance photography, and extensive travels throughout India, Japan, Vietnam and the U.S, have carefully shaped her artistic practice. Eick currently lives in Berlin, where she has worked for the past decade, and continues to focus her attention on storytelling, portraits, and landscapes. ( Red Arrow Gallery )

Sarah Johanna Eick’s Website

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