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I will always love you


Self-portrait, Live from me

Self-portrait, At the Royal Ballet

Dreaming of you


About The Artist

Sabina Tabaković is a passionated self taught photographer who loves dreaming away into a imaginary world ”where everything feels like true love”, she says!

Every photograph has a personal story from her own life. Sabina Tabakovic is inspired by heartache, the forest & the moon, the stars, love over time and everything that attracts her heart!

She never plans her own photo-shoots in detail since her creativity loves to be spontaneous! She makes a lot of beautiful self-portraits, they are like her personal diary but instead of words she uses pictures to tell her story to the world.

Artist Statement

I’m a self taught photographer who loves dreaming away & listening to love stories. I live in my own imaginary world. Sometimes, I go out to the real world too. But I don’t like it there so most of the time I’m hiding out in my fantasy. I’m so happy I discovered photography when I started to work as a model-scout. Amongst some great models, I’ve discovered Frida Gustavsson who now is one of the most booked models in the world.

I dream about living by the ocean in a small house with heart-shaped windows, having photography exhibitions, making new interesting collaborations, helping people to follow their heart, to never give up & of course publishing a photography-book.

It feels like I’m standing in the beginning of a new chapter filled with inspiration & love for photography, since it’s becoming more than just a interest, it’s becoming my life! I’m still learning, still trying to figure out what is going on inside my head & searching my way towards becoming the best that I can be to others & my self! I am inspired by the simple things in life, by my own imaginary world, by sadness, heartache & everything that attracts my heart! I never plan my own photo-shoots in detail since my creativity loves to be spontaneous! When I do my own projects it’s usually always just me, my camera & my model. No stylist, assistants, makeup artists or detailed planning. Maybe I call my neighbor or a model when I’m suddenly filled with inspiration from perhaps sadness or beauty that I start to feel right there & then. I do a lot of self-portraits too, it’s like my diary I want to share with you.

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