Richard Mosse

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The beauty of Richard Mosse’s photographs is enclosed in the core of their contradiction: they show horror, ruin, war. Yet what emerges from the camera after a technical and selective process is not what is real, but an attractive product, that is commercially and industrially perfect and arouses in the viewers the (morally masked) emotion of beauty. Romanticism was aware of this and contemporary art did not forget about it; Mario Perniola called it the “idiocy and splendour of modern art.” However, Mosse does not seem to hide it, noting the failed impotence of representation when searching for symmetry with reality, similitude with the object. Like a reporter, journalist or member of an NGO, he tries to portray suffering, war conflicts, disasters caused by injustice, in a journey through cities destroyed by the war, in Bosnia, Ramallah, Beirut or Kosovo, or devastated by catastrophes, in Iran or Pakistan.

The result is images that fascinate and amaze the viewers with their mystery and beauty: an aesthetic product. -Lápiz International Art Magazine, November 2006  

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