Rashod Taylor

Rashod Taylor, Rapids_2013
Rapids, 8×10 tintype, 2013

Rashod Taylor, Rapids_2_2013Rapids 2, 8×10 tintype, 2013

Rashod Taylor, Untitled (branches in lake) 2013Untitled, 8×10 tintype, 2013

Rashod Taylor, Boat on lake_2013Boat on lake, 8×10 tintype, 2013

Rashod Taylor, Snow, ambrotypeSnow, 8×10, ambrotype, 2012

Rashod Taylor, mist on grass, 8x10 tintypeMist on grass, 8×10 tintype, 2012

Rashod Taylor, Countryside_2013Countryside, 8×10 tintype, 2013

Radhod Taylor, Kids at play_2013Kids at play, 8×10 tintype, 2013

Artist Statement

As a photographer, I’m naturally drawn to portraiture. I believe it’s a perfect collaboration between my vision and what the sitter portrays. Whenever I have the opportunity to take a person’s photo, I look for ways to capture a story in frame because a well-executed portrait can offer insight and create intrigue into the person’s character.

Within the last few years I have started to experiment with the wet plate collodion process. This process dates back to the 1850s where it was first introduced. It is a process that requires tin, glass or photographic medium to be coated, sensitized, exposed and developed within about fifteen minutes. If working in the field it requires a portable darkroom for development. Though the overall experience can be inconvenient and cumbersome, the results are second to none. With time I have embraced both possibilities and limitations associated with the wet plate collodion process.

About the Artist

Rashod Taylor, a native of Bloomington, Illinois, earned a Bachelor’s of Art degree from Murray State University in Murray Kentucky.  He shoots in various formats but predominately uses large format film and the wet plate collodion process. Rashod has had numerous group exhibitions throughout the Midwest. 

The images you see here use the collodian process on metal or glass and are either tintypes or ambrotypes.  

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