Paula Herrera Nobile

my mother’s wedding dress , 2011

last days of my sofa, 2011

slow down slow up and down, 2010

junquillo japones, 2011

white band sheet aid, 2010

untitled, 2011

sketch of woman lying (with coutures), 2011

pendiente, 2011

About The Artist

Argentinian Paula Herra Nobile is a performance artist, having studied theatre, dance, singing and photography. Her work is focused primarily on staging performances and theatre plays. She´s currently directing her own drama school and developing various multidisciplinary projects in GRANATE, her art studio.

Paula Herrera Nobile describes her photographic work:

It was while directing a play of Samuel Beckett’s that I became aware of the importance of shape and meaning. It was this search that led me to my own personal obsessions. I started off with a series of self portraits in which my body was seen in relationship with another object. I decided to set certain limits to the shot: using five seconds in the timer of the camera was a way to getting closer to the theatrical experience (the duration of the play). I didn’t use photoshop or tripod … and so began an exploration that is still feeding my imagination.


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