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About Nadirah Zakariya

Born in Malaysia, raised in the U.S and Japan, and currently forging an impressive photography career in the New York, Nadirah Zakariya is the perfect example of the modern multicultural creative. Her influences are as eclectic as her non-specific geographical upbringing, which whether she intended for it or not, comes through in her thoroughly modern sensibility and approach to her work. (Chantelle Symester for Dazed and Digital)

I love shooting with analogue! I like light weight 35mm cameras because not only are the results beautiful but I love to be able to move around freely when I am shooting. My baby is the Lomo LC-A, most of my favourite shots are taken with that camera.

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2 responses to “Nadirah Zakariya”

  1. Sonia Rumzi says:

    Wonderful work. Very dramatic. Great color too!

  2. Yes Sonia, some of her of her work has more delicate colours but I loved the “zing” of this selection. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

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