Michelle Brea

Slightly Sorry

The rich cultural center of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is home to dozens of museums, such as Museo Alcázar de Diego Colón.  Located in the historic palace of Diego Colón  (the son of Christopher Columbus) which he established when he became Viceroy of La Española in 1509.

The Prince of Tides


To Find Me Gone

Sense of Blue

I wish all my pictures were about the sea

Ready to Flow

Small Girl

Deceptive Awareness


Leveling the Plane of Existance

About The Artist

Michelle Brea is creating work that is making the contemporary art scene in Santo Domingo take notice.  Browse her work on Facebook and see her Flickr page to stay up to date with her marvelous work.

Michelle Brea’s flickr


Michael Accorsi

Michael Accorsi is an artist, painter working from his studio in Northern California. He writes about art on his Plotlines art blog on Tumblr. Connect with Michael on Facebook and Twitter as well.



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