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I was born 21 years ago in the capital city of Slovakia – Bratislava. As a young boy growing in a post communistic country I very soon understood that a boy with Barbie dolls doesn‘t find a place in that world. In elementary school I used to be the queer one and I started to feel the hate of society so I found my own world surrounded by drawings and simply with imagination. I had a lot of girl cousins and I was amazed by the way they dressed and how they looked, so I started to create fashion designs – very childlish ones of course – I was only 7 years old.

Being a fashion designer became a passion of mine and for many years I dreamed only about becoming a well-known fashion creator. I dreamed of studying on Parsons Paris – and so I worked my ass for it. Every day 8 hours of private drawing classes, English classes, special study programme in high school. But after all I got there, I got to Paris and I was ready for my life to begin – and then it all happened.


In the foundation year of my study I realized how blind I was for so many years and that fashion is not the only way how I can express myself. I completely felt in love with photography and collage, painting and drawing, video. I was  – and I still am  – thirsty for experiencing new things, new medias.

I started to breathe art. (El Turon)

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