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If you happen to stumble across Mattijn Franssen’s Flickr account, you might be confused. Not because you’re experiencing the early stages of senile dementia, or that you’re an inherently dull-witted individual, but mainly because his photos don’t look like everybody else’s. While most of the Flickr massive post the usual fare — friends, family, travel photos, etc. — Franssen digs deeper, conjuring elaborate imagined worlds. He packages fantasy and escapism so well that it almost looks real (aside from the fact that he’s often sporting a pair of wings, hanging out with hyenas, etc.). Franssen’s scenes look like they’ve popped out of a Roger Dean or Storm Thorgerson album cover. And really, who wouldn’t want to snoop around in that type of alternate dimension?

Another detail that makes Franssen’s work so appealing is its human element. Casting himself as the protagonist in each piece, Franssen wanders through lands that mirror Tolkien’s Middle Earth, or the dangerous, viking- and barbarian-infested environment of a Frank Frazetta painting. He’s usually not alone either. Pino, his girl cat, is often at his side. There is obviously a dense narrative unfolding in each image. And in many cases, the images appear to be interconnected, or at least part of a related series. (From interview )

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  1. PsdDude says:

    I recently discovered this artist and i like what i see ! Very good technique and excellent imagination!

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