Marie Dücker

Growing Up

You can pull my head aside. 

With All The Hope I Bear In Me.

Ophelia’s Last Breath.

It’s Not My Fault.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Stranger.

When They Come For You.

A Silent Cry of Nothing.

Artist Statement

It all started when my dad gifted me my very first DSLR a couple of years ago for Christmas, I couldn’t believe I was holding my very own camera in my hands and soon started snapping my life away. Back then I had no idea what ISO or shutterspeed was, what I wanted to do was simply freeze moments to look back to in 10 years time.

When finishing one of my favorites books up to date (it’s Jeffrey Eugenide’s The Virgin Suicides! Give it a try if you’re as much into getting that extra kick out of psycho thrillers as I am!), I felt like recreating some of the scenes in the book and so I did. I soon realized I had to try my hands on some technical stuff, and so I did. Soon, I felt like a pro getting to know everything about focal length, and was constantly trying to get the perfect bokeh in my photos. That is also when I started conceptual photography and it has made my life a lot more magical than ever before. I was soon so into editing my photos and sketching new ones, that I didn’t want to go asleep at night. Photography has given me the chance to bring alive the images in my (sometimes confusing, haha) head.

“Everything changed when I realized that photography was the one and only way to make my imagination and dreams come alive.”

Ever since I have been following my passion, have been eager to get people’s faces in front of my camera and will continue doing so for the rest of my life. Doing what you love consumes you and photography is all I think about (at least in my study breaks). I’ve come to understand that the more passionate you are about what you love most, the more success it brings you in your life journey.

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