Mari Anne Werier

chimney vent, 2009

brickworks, 2011

Danforth, 2011

hurry, 2011

neighborhood, 2009

eat, 2011

Storefront, 2011

thoughts on fire, 2009

Mari Anne Werier on her work

“For me photography is all about memory. We pass through life and events fall away behind us. We remember, but memory is so fragile. I think everyone cherishes family photos and enjoys looking back at who they once were. In this way we remind ourselves with a photographic record that there is continuity and history on an individual level. In my photography I’m also trying to remember feelings and states of mind as well as events. So I’d have to say that taking pictures is intensely personal. When it’s working, taking pictures juxtaposes a moment in time with feelings, subject matter and something deeper. A new kind of memory gets created. One that will bring the past to life again in the future and one which hopefully embodies some form of truth, if only for myself. I don’t know if anyone else would feel these things from looking at my images, but if they find something that resonates with their own experience I’m happy.”

Artist Bio

I was born in California and attended the California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts) in Oakland from 1968 to 1972. I studied with Jack Welpott, Judy Dater, Lee Rice and Josepha Haveman. Other influences at the time through seminars and workshops were Wynn Bullock, Brett Weston and Oliver Gagliani. I was a member of the Image Circle, a group of Bay area photographers dedicated to large format photography in the “California tradition”. At that time I was included in group shows at the Focus Gallery in San Francisco, the Newman Center in Berkeley and the San Francisco Art Festival. Later after moving to Canada I was represented for awhile by the Jane Corkin Gallery and the Meg Gallery. To be honest, I’ve not really tried to pursue photography as a career. As I said it’s a personal thing for me. A friend twisted my arm to post work to Flickr and I’m so glad he did. I love being a part of that community.

*All of the above information was received from Mari Anne Werier who is a Flickr colleague of mine

Mari Anne Werier’s Flickr

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  1. adee says:

    wonderful work. photographs tell a story but hers add depth to them 🙂

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