CPHACE, A New Series by Laird at Florida Mining

The new series is composed of images captured during Laird’s travels to far-reaching locations including Alaska, the Florida Keys, Costa Rica, and the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge of Georgia. Using a camera converted to record infrared light to capture images of his surroundings, both familiar and exotic, resulted in photographs of flora stripped of their natural, vibrant colors, to be replaced with a heightened reliance on line and texture. Laird then further manipulates the imagery through mirroring and monochromatic color enhancement.

Viewers are encouraged to spend time with the resulting artwork, allowing the sundry of faces that are naturally created within the symmetrical images’ central axes to appear.

“Because they are composed of organic objects and devoid of straight lines, the symmetry of the mirrored images is not unlike that of the face” says Laird of the series. “As humans, we instinctively search for familiar forms and our own counterparts. We search for other human faces; and see them.”( Florida Mining )

Laird’s Website

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