Jukka Vuokko

Artist Statement

I am a Finnish photographer who focues mainly on black and white landscapes – or sceneries, rather, because everything that I photograph cannot be strictly categorized as landscapes. Scenic elements are the base of my photographical production but I of course photograph much more diversely.

In my photography I try to interpret the view that I see by it’s tonal content. I pre-visualize my photographs at the time I take them. My mood has a great impact to the final result. I measure the tones of the view carefully and think where I place them on the greyscale, so that the final result will represent the feel that I have when releasing the shutter of my camera.

I make detailed notes when taking each photograph, so that I can recall the feelings I had at that moment and have them reflected from the final print created in my darkdoom. Sometimes I succeed quite well, sometimes less. I could say that a couple of good photographs in a year is a good achievement. Photography, as I see it, is endless learning.

I develop all films and create all fine prints myself in my darkroom. I use only silver based film and print using silver gelatine paper.

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