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About the Artists

Inka Lindergård was born 1985 in Finland and Niclas Holmström was born 1984 in Sweden. They have lived and worked together in Stockholm, Sweden,  since 2007.

“The two artists, who simply call themselves Inka and Niclas, alter the landscape only briefly with slight interventions, according to their own very personal visual concepts. This also applies to the strange colours of the rocks in the snow. We are witnessing neither chemical accidents nor climate irregularities; this is nothing more than colour from a spray can or pink smoke, which tints the landscape for the duration of a photo exposure. Sometimes, it is merely colour filters placed over the flash, which falsify the existing colours. Yet even given this background, the fascinating images lose nothing of their radiance and impact.

Inka and Niclas always work together on large-scale series of exposures where intention and focus are different each time. If one compares, for instance, the individual images in the sequence Watching Humans Watching, it becomes apparent with what restraint and stamina the two photograph their fellow humans; usually from behind and thus de-individualised, in a number of locations, mostly in the Far North.

Both the series Watching Humans Watching and Saga are linked by the subject of unspoiled nature and it is surprising to learn that most pictures in both series were taken at the same locations. And so, as a logical consequence, they are closely interwoven […] and in spite of their heterogeneous nature form a kind of entity. By contrast, practically everything in Saga has been contrived. The word “Saga” happens to mean “fairy tale” or “myth” in Swedish, and according to the artists, it functions as a kind of umbrella term under which various approaches to a series of pictures can be summarised. The two do, indeed, transport us to an enigmatic world of visual surprises. ” (Swedish Photography)

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