helen sear

Landscape or portraiture? Luckily, you don’t have to decide which you prefer, because British artist Helen Sear has literally intertwined them, making them one and the same. She creates these delicate, almost lace-like, compositions by combining two separate images, that were taken at two different locations. Through a process {that I don’t even begin to understand} she erases away parts of the image and voilà… that intertwined, delicate, lace-like thing that I was talking about! Sigh… so beautiful.

The work has evolved from previous explorations of the sublime to an engagement with both the retinal and the digital, where the ‘hand drawn/erased’ element becomes the interface between the formal clichés of both landscape and portraiture, particularly within the northern romantic tradition of painting.

*All of these images are from her Inside the View series.


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  1. These are really cool!  I don’t understand the process either, but I’m not letting that stand in the way of enjoying something so lovely.  Thanks for sharing!

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