Glenda Lissette



“Oh dear, I forgot my coat”



The Saxophonist

& away we go

Afternoon walk

Slow down Joe 

Artist Statement

I am 17 years old. I’ve moved around quite a lot in my lifetime, almost every year of my life. I’ve lived in Maryland, Arizona, & even Guatemala for a few years. I was born in Illinois and am currently living in a suburb just west of Chicago. Driving across the country, being in airplanes for ten hours, and always being the new girl has really given me a lot of time to myself. It’s been pretty lonely and all but I’ve always used creativity as my scapegoat. I’ve danced, sung, drawn, acted, wrote and read since the day I was born. I had a pretty hectic childhood with a pretty dysfunctional family, but my mother has always pushed me to be creative. I have seen beautiful and ugly things and my need to show the world has always existed. I’ve always enjoyed snapping stills but I think my passion for photography grew as I lived in Guatemala. I think it was the extremities of the country; both the horror and the beauty. (Creativefluff)

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  1. Autumn Olson says:

    YAY FOR LOVELY GLENDA!!! (I saw her first!) ahhahaha!

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