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Artist Statement

Hopefully without sounding too arrogant or pretentious, I made this to introduce other people to something they may have never seen before. Ambiguously emotive scenes lacking a subject. Perspectives that escape the norm. Unique, fleeting urban moments. Not all are great, nor even good (especially those early years), simply photographs or pieces of photographs I’ve taken and am compelled to share with you.


In a “modern” world where we are all exposed to so many propositions and offerings for services and generally uninspiring shit, this site is meant to be viewed with none of that in mind. See in it what you want to see, and get out of it what you find to be interesting or special to you.


Everything found here was taken and created by myself, Eric Gustafson. I currently call Austin home, and have lived throughout the United States (to include Seattle, Florida, Indiana, Virginia & Texas) during my lifetime. I currently have a 9-6 as a graphic/interface designer, which I enjoy, but ultimately I hope to work on a few more photography/human interest related ideas I have.


To achieve my results, I either drive or bike to various locations and explore on foot, armed with only my camera and sometimes a tripod for the low light situations. Nothing is ever pre-arranged. No lighting setup. No props. No actors. When I find myself exploring and traversing areas unknown and new to me, armed only with my camera and a curious perspective, time slips away and I see things the way I feel they were always meant to be seen. I capture them. I take them afterwords and play with them. I get lost in them. To me it is an intimate process of projecting myself and my perspective onto the world, and the images that I produce are a very personal reflection of myself.

I always try my best to get everything right before I snap the shutter, but if I feel there is something I can do in the post (coloration, adjust lighting, etc.) I have no problem doing it. Ansel Adams is quoted as saying dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships. I couldn’t agree more and treat the use of Photoshop the same way (since it is, essentially, a digital dark room). Photography snobs with their rule of thirds and immediately dismissive view of any aesthetically chosen post work as “ruining” an image are essentially slapping him and many others in the face. In my opinion the only sort of photographic ‘morals’ that should exist for anyone who takes pictures should be for photo-journalists. And one I am not, so I choose to see the world as well as I can imagine it!

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    Great Photos

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    Great Photos

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