Eric Frey

Etrange lueur 2010

Antartique provencal 2010

Bouée 2010

Petit nuage en balade 2011

Comme une plume 2011

No man’s land 2011

Minimal 2010

Hallucination 2010

I discovered photography later in life, almost by chance. A revelation. Soon, black & white and the square format seem the obvious format for me. Because of its strength and simplicity, the black and white goes to the essentials. As for the square format is a gold mine of geometry and offers many possible combinations and compositions. My photographic choices have gravitated naturally towards minimalist compositions, seeking clean lines and geometric shapes.

My photographic wanderings often lead me to shoot in the same areas in search of a light, an atmosphere. Indeed, every hour, every day, no place ever offers the same face. Photography is there to fix the ephemeral.

Eric Frey, Malaucène, France

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  1. Eric Frey says:

    These are good pictures!

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