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EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcoxReal Tennis 08, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcox3Real Tennis 05, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcox2Rackets 03, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcox4Fives 01, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcoxRackets 01, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcox6Rackets 05, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcoxReal Tennis 16, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcoxReal Tenis 14, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcoxSquash 03, Courts Series

EscapeIntoLife_ElliottWilcoxSticke 01, Courts Series

Artist Statement

About the “Courts” series

This work examines representations of the enclosed spaces of sports courts. In photographing the empty courts, absent of the fast paced action we are so familiar with, these environments reveal themselves in a new light.

The camera shows details that the viewer can see closely, revealing many subtleties that usually go unnoticed. The vivid stains, ball marks, blood and scratches force the viewer to focus on these details rather than just the court.

The courts have one single use – a ball game, with all their complicated rules and regulations. These normally sub conscious spaces become alive. Much like a gallery space is missed to the artwork, the space of these courts is missed to the sport. These large format images are slow and deliberate.

The non-judgemental image creates an experience to explore, a path to revealing the unnoticed and exposing the unexposed, consequently romanticising the courts.

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