Dazzling Fireflies Display

The magic of fireflies caught by long exposure photographs taken in Japan. As the original source is the Japanese language website Digital Photo Blog we don’t have a lot of information about the photographers, but it seems that these photos were taken in the rainy months of June and July in Maniwa, Japan in recent years –  the most recent photos are dated 2011, the earliest 2008.

We’ve found some information – and more prosaic photos – about Japanese fireflies at the Tokyo Hotaru website; hotaru is the Japanese word for fireflies. There is a nice short article on the significance of hotaru in Japanese society here and you’ll find a second enchanting photo gallery of firefly photos by Rei Ohara here. Enjoy the inspiration!

Thanks to César Couto for finding these photos.

7 responses to “Dazzling Fireflies Display”

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The first few are simply fantastic. What a magical world they captured.

  4. CCaruana says:

    Yes, quite magical, in the photos as well as in real life. As I’ve never seen quite as many as this in life I found these utterly captivating and just had to post them!

  5. Elenaatyim says:

    its amazing that places like this actually exist.

  6. Brings back many childhood memories living on a farm in Kentucky.

  7. Where have all the fireflies gone? It is ever harder to come across them these days…..

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